Flower delivery application
Metrics after application launch
980 р.
The average check of one order increased
From 3% to
Conversion into purchase through the application increased
Cut advertising costs
Increase the number of repeat sales
Promotions on home page
Promotions, collections of goods and categories return users to the application time after time and motivate them to make more purchases, thus increasing the average check.
Push notifications
Reduce email and retargeting campaign costs by
push notifications on existing clients.

On average, one text message costs from 8,000 rubles. With push notifications you can make free mailings every day.
Mobile App Builder
Constructor allows you to launch the application for e-commerce business in 3 days and constantly adapt it to changing market conditions.

Our sales statistics shows that applications generate about 40% of all sales from mobile devices, the conversion in applications is on average 3 times higher than on mobile sites, and that the number of sales in applications has increased by 15% on average over the year.

Reception of payments and orders
Let the customer pay for everything in one click with the saved data of his bank card or Apple Pay and Google play.

The less action a person needs to take to buy, the more likely it is that they will reach the end. We conducted dozens of experiments before we found the ideal form for cosmetics stores, where a person makes a purchase in just 3 clicks.
Advantages of NAPSY over custom development
Low cost
The prices of custom development from $20 000 for a complete mobile application, at the same time with NAPSY it costs only from $59 / month.
Development Rapidity
Instead of 3-6 months of long development you get a ready-made application in 3-7 days.
Focus on business challenges
The main task is to solve the business problem as quickly and easily as possible, rather than complicate it with unnecessary functionality to inflate the price.
Ability to make corrections without involving development
The interfaces of the Napsy platform are so simple that you can make small corrections yourself.
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